Hire Experts

Hire Expert service enables our clients to get quick access to qualified and experienced personnel that will be working from our offices. Please follow below benefits for this type of service.



The client does not spend money on offices, vacations, leaves, training, health benefits etc.

The teams that we setup are made of highly skilled professionals having the exact profiles requested by the client.

The virtual team is managed directly by the client. The client will decide how the resources will be allocated and used.

We will provide the needed hardware and software resources to meet the project requirements.

  • All intellectual property and copyrights belong to the client.
    The intellectual property is ensured through:
  • Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality contracts;
  • Security measures: access control, documents control etc.;
  • Employees training and education.

We have been using this model for many years and we have the experience that will ensure that the engagement model will be used at its maximum proficiency, to deliver excellent benefits to our clients.

Hiring Experts will prove to be beneficial for your company, if you do not want or don't have the resources to go through the process of hiring and retaining part time or full time employees. We have built over the years the insight, the resources, the channels and the access to a rich network of talent in order to be able to provide to our clients the right professionals, on short notice.




Preparation of the jobs/candidates profiles

Screening and interviewing


The right candidates.

Fast on-boarding.

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